October 28

October 28, 2008 pottersp

I typed in debatable topics over different issues in the google search and ended up on a website called Peta.org. This website is about animal cruelty and animal rights. They are all about the rights of animals and seem to be very opinionated. They try to get their viewers to not eat meat and realize the cruelty of animals. I was looking through the blogs and saw one called The Triple Threat (to Animals). It states that three individuals from Florida were charged with multiple accounts of cruelty to animals and animal abandonment. Deputies had found more than 80 dogs, cats, and other animals that were either malnourished or even dead. One of the individuals, Carrie Cagata, is the owner of My Best Friend Inc., which is an animal rescue organization. She was adopting abandoned animals from animal shelters and selling them to make money. If they weren’t sold then they shipped the animals to the “farm” where they starved. What makes this situation so bad is that she was claiming to be an animal rescue organization. Peta sent a letter to the head of the felony division of the Florida attorney’s office, trying to get them prosecuted. The blog wasn’t very long but  it really makes you feel bad for the animals. It makes you wonder how some people can be so cruel toward living things. The writer does this on purpose so that the readers will feel this way. They want the reader to realize all the cruelties toward animals and help PETA make things better for animals altogether. They reached the emotional side of the reader, pulling them in, and wanting to help in some way. Even if they decide to or not, it’s the thought that counts.

The comments on the blog were actually a lot different from one another. One person stated that they hoped the people didn’t go to jail for doing this and they wanted to know what happened. Another person said that animals are people too and that we were once animals and we tend to forget this. One person said that they were sick of hearing about animal cruelty and they hoped the people would be put in jail for a long time for how they treated these animals. One person wrote a very interesting comment that caught my eye and made me think. They said, ” These people will all be punished by God. Gog spelled backwards is DOG… Give Love..get love. Give pain…receive pain.” This comment was strongly, yet peacefully stated. It was interesting seeing all the different views on animal cruelty. This blog entry created people to get angry with animal cruelty and caused some people to get annoyed with the topic.  I don’t think PETA really persuades much but tries to kind of trick you into believing something.


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