October 30

October 29, 2008 pottersp

Rick D’Elia- illegal immigration

He says we have to do something about our borders because no politicians have come up with anything. He says he has thought of a way where we can tighten our borders, make money, and provide a little entertainment. He says we should take the high-definition cameras with night vision and stick them around the borders of the United States; and record people jumping, hopping, swimming, or whatever they have to do to get into the country. Then take the best footage and turn it into a reality TV show and take the advertising revenue and and it will cover healthcare, welfare, education, and everything else. He says, he will gurantee that people would watch a show called Who Wants to be an American, or Jose Millionaire, or even turned it into a sport on ESPN called it the Third World Series. He then continues on to make jokes about how the sport show would be and acts as a commentator talking about it. He begins as a serious question. What should we do about illegal immigration. However, because he is a comedian, he goes on to joke about immigration. Whereas, in a public debate with a politician, it would be all serious. However, whether he jokes or not, he provides some options of what could be done. You could use his method but instead of joking, create real options of what could be done to slow down or stop immigration from happening.


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